Undergraduate Study Abroad Programs


Be Global. Immerse yourself abroad while earning your degree.

What to Expect

Undergraduate students in the John Cook School of Business have a wide array of options to choose from when considering a study abroad destination, each different from the other, as noted below. 

Some of our Study Abroad partner universities teach in English, while others are in their native language. Some are business schools, while others are liberal arts schools. Some allow SLU enrollment and SLU tuition (with some financial aid applicable). Credits may transfer to SLU for a “C” grade or higher. Some are a year, while others are for a semester or shorter length.

Study Abroad Program Types

Exchange Program

The exchange programs are partnerships with world-renowned international business schools around the globe.

Explore where you can study abroad below, but please do not contact the schools directly as there is a formal application process (outlined on this page below) through the Cook School.  

  1. Belgium (University of Antwerp) 
  2. China (University of International Business & Economics in Beijing) 
  3. Denmark (Aarhus School of Business) 
  4. France (ESSCA in Angers) 
  5. Germany (GSO in Nurnberg) 
  6. Hong Kong (City University of Hong Kong) 
  7. Korea (KDI in Seoul) 
  8. Sweden (JIBS in Jonkoping) 


Short Stay Programs

Short stay programs are held during the Spring Semester. Learn more about these programs.


SLU Destinations

A host of many other SLU approved destinations is managed by the University’s International Services office. If you don’t find a program that fits your needs through the Cook School, please visit the University’s International Services website by clicking here

Academic Policies for Studying Abroad

Application Process

There is no right or wrong way to approach study abroad—as long as you end up filling out all the paperwork required by the John Cook School of Business, SLU, and the destination university.