International Business Academics


The Cook School has designed international programs to meet the needs of today’s global marketplace.


B.S. in Business Administration - International Business Concentration

Students of international business learn about the impact and implementation of international business practices in the modern marketplace. Since our economy today is increasingly global in nature, students examine how differences in language, communication, social interaction, work attitudes, relationships, economics, politics, pace of life and social structure affect global commerce.


Supporting Area in International Business

Business majors may select International Business as a Supporting Area if they choose not to select International Business as their Concentration.


Supporting Area in Globalization and Technology

Business Majors may select Globalization and Technology as a Supporting Area in addition to their Concentration..


International Business Minor for Non-Business Majors

The international business minor creates the knowledge and sensitivity for students to research and consider prior to undertaking business with an overseas partner, no matter what region of the world: Europe and Central Asia, East Asia and the Pacific, South Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East and North Africa, and Africa.




MBA - International Business Emphasis

The objective of the MBA area of emphasis in International Business is to gain an understanding of how U.S. companies can effectively adapt their policies and management styles in the following operational areas as the company transitions into the global marketplace: accounting, financial reporting, and human resources.


Master of International Business, executive format (EMIB)

This unique program an provides exemplary mix of curriculum, professional contacts, and personal development experiences that will strengthen business knowledge, acquire expertise in international business practices, and enhance competency in international cultural issues. 


Ph.D. in International Business and Marketing

The Ph.D. in Business Administration program at the Cook School offers an intensive educational experience, designed to prepare graduates for academic careers, typically as business school faculty.