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There are many resources that can help you on your pathway to a career in finance.

Opportunities for Achievement

Applied Portfolio Management

Admission to the Applied Portfolio Management course allows students real world experience through managing a portion of the University Endowment fund. The approach to managing the fund is rigorous, research-oriented and founded in the theory of finance taught in the prerequisite coursework. Admission to the course requires the approval of the instructor, in consultation with other faculty who you have studied under. Successful completion of the course is a great way to earn a strong recommendation. Learn more about the course.


NISA Scholars Program

The Department of Finance faculty select two rising seniors every spring who are designated “NISA Scholars” for the following academic year. Those students earn that designation based on a demonstration of superior academic achievement in their coursework. For more information, individuals should contact the Department of Finance.


Society of Industrial and Office Realtors Foundation Scholarship 

The Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR) Foundation offers a competitive scholarship to rising seniors with an interest in commercial real estate. The mission of the SIOR Foundation is to promote and support initiatives that educate, expand and enhance the commercial real estate community.

Successful candidates for the scholarship will be U.S. citizens who evince an informed interest in a career in Commercial Real Estate and who (1) will attain senior status by the end of the current academic year, (2) have made substantial progress toward the finance concentration and (3) have earned a GPA of at least 2.5.

Additional time-sensitive information will be distributed to junior year students with a declared concentration in finance during the month of March 2015. Please watch your email inbox for that announcement. 


Summit Strategies Internships

In consultation with the faculty of the Department of Finance, Summit Strategies selects up to five students each year to participate in a highly specialized internship. The internship activity typically involves conducting supervised research leading to the creation of a “white paper” on a topic of relevance to the investment management industry. Students can earn credit for FIN 481 in connection with the internship. Learn more about Summit Strategies Group.



The Finance Society, a student run organization that serves men and women pursuing a concentration in financial studies, participates in a number of national investment competitions each year. These competitions provide the opportunity to work with fellow students as you test your financial skills on a national level. Contact the Finance Society organization.


CFA Exam I Scholarship Application

Jan 15 Submissions for the CFA Exam Scholarship is now open. Deadline for submission is January 15. Apply Here!

The CFA Exam is the cornerstone to success in finance. As such, the Cook School encourages students enrolled in Saint Louis University’s finance programs to apply for the opportunity to receive a scholarship to take the CFA Institute Exam I.

Eligibility for the CFA Exam scholarship requires that it be the initial attempt on the Exam I by an applicant. Individuals who have previously taken the CFA Exam I do not qualify for this scholarship. The application is an online submission, and must be submitted in whole per the requirements listed on the form.

Other Helpful Links

About the CFA Exam

CFA Institute is the global association of investment professionals that sets the standard for professional excellence. The CFA Program includes a series of three exams that are offered in test centers around the world. These three exams — Level I, Level II, and Level III — must be passed sequentially as one of the requirements for earning a CFA charter. Learn more about CFA Exams.

Finance as Applied Mathematics

Finance has a strong foundation in applied mathematics. Therefore, some finance students pursue the connection between mathematics and finance through the study of actuarial science. This focus allows a variety of opportunities outside regular careers in finance. Learn more about the actuary science learning and career opportunities.

Finance Careers


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