Applied Portfolio Management


The Applied Portfolio Management (APM) program at Saint Louis University provides students in the John Cook School of Business with an opportunity to actively manage a portion of the University’s endowment fund.

About APM

Established in Fall of 2002, with an initial investment of $500,000, the APM program seeks to blend academic rigor with real-world experience in portfolio management. The class follows a top-down approach to investing. Consideration of the macroeconomic environment will be followed by an analysis of the ten S&P GICS sectors.

The class decides on the sector weightings for the portfolio. Students will also select stocks for the portfolio based on a business and financial valuation analysis of potential candidate stocks.

The Applied Portfolio Management program is recommended for students targeting careers in equities analysis, portfolio management, investment banking, corporate finance, and financial analysis, as well as students interested in gaining a better understanding of equities selection.

Current and historical data on the APM portfolio can be found here.