The Ultimate Competitive Advantage


The John Cook School of Business and COCAbiz partner to rethink business education and to develop a new class of creative-minded, business savvy leaders.

The Challenge in Business: Creativity


Business professionals are often asked to analyze data, understand complex reporting and deliver in depth presentations. But industry leaders are increasingly citing creativity as the number one skill needed for standout success in an ever-evolving business climate.

The Solution: Rethinking Education 


Through the partnership with COCAbiz, the business training division of COCA (Center of Creative Arts), the John Cook School of Business students receive the tools to unlock passion, creativity, trust and communication.

COCAbiz is a pioneer in providing immersive, arts-based experiential learning that is mapped back to business objectives. As part of the program, Cook School students participate in three workshops with the goal of opening new ways of thinking about business challenges and new ways of working together – ways to collaborate more effectively and creatively in a manner that makes the most of the unique ideas and passions of each student.

The program strives to develop more well-rounded business leaders who combine analytical and technical business skills with authentic, creative leadership capabilities.

How We Do It

About the Institutions

Cook School of Business


Saint Louis University’s John Cook School of Business strives to provide excellence in business education inspired by the Jesuit ideals of educating the whole person, seeking truth, and serving others. With this mission in mind the Cook School Graduate Programs, strive to provide the essential tools for current and future business leaders to flourish in today’s fast changing global environment.

As the oldest business school west of the Mississippi, John Cook School of Business has built a rich history of paving the way for business leaders. With strong roots in the St. Louis community, the Cook School continues to expand its global reach with students and faculty from all over the world working and learning together.




COCAbiz is the business training division of COCA, a national leader in arts-based education. Offering programs for both individuals and corporate teams, COCAbiz helps people build their confidence, shift their professional outlook and create corporate cultures that embrace creative problem solving, innovative thinking, and more dynamic leadership.

COCAbiz programs take different formats – custom training, workshops, talks, conferences, special events – but they all bring thoughtful, social and curious individuals together in an intelligent and engaging atmosphere. Some present big picture insights to expand thinking while others enhance specific professional and technical skills.