Simon Center: Programs & Events


Research is only part of the equation. Education is the other half. Through dynamic events, the Simon Center educates the public about their research findings, what they mean, and how they can help provide solutions for a stronger economic future.

Annual Events

As part of its mission, the Simon Center hosts annual speaker symposiums that bring together local, regional, and national officials to discuss topics related to the economic condition of the St. Louis area and the Midwest, the United States, and the world. 


Economic Regional Forecasting Series

The Simon Center for Regional Forecasting at the Cook School is proud to present the annual Economic Regional Forecasting Series. The series welcomes students, alumni, and friends of Saint Louis University to come hear the projected forecasts concerning the regional and national economy.

Through presentation and question and answer, keynote leaders in the field of economic forecasting present their projected outcomes for the economy. The series invites multiple economic forecasting individuals to present a dynamic and diverse keynote that offers projected economic outcomes through extensive data research.

TBAThe next installment of the series is currently in planning, please check back soon.