Programs & Events


The Center for Supply Chain Management at the John Cook School of Business trains, supports, and informs the community through our programming. The Center is dedicated to ensuring that SLU is leading the field to prepare professionals for future challenges in the supply chain industry.


The Center for Supply Chain Management (CSCM) sponsors multiple events throughout the year. In order to ensure that our participants and the community are staying engaged and involved, the Center brings in a variety of industry professionals.


The center’s certificates, workshops, and programs train individuals to integrate and coordinate the management of supply chain activities (transportation, warehousing, inventory management, production planning/scheduling, procurement and information systems) to improve the overall effort of firms.

Through our diverse programs and expert instructors, individuals learn how to develop consistent and dependable customer service levels, leading to better management of supply chain activities and related assets. Our offerings allow every member of the supply chain industry significant opportunities to improve corporate profitability and return on assets.