Center for Supply Chain Management

The Supply Chain industry is a $1.3 trillion business. Most of the money allocated to supply chain is spent on shipping, storing and managing inventories. 

Why Supply Chain?

The supply chain industry is one of the nation’s largest, consuming more in expenditures than the U.S. defense budget and approximates all of the resources spent annually on health care.

The once stagnant supply chain industry is reinventing itself as a result of:

  • the rising costs and complexities associated with storing, managing and transporting inventories 
  • the increasingly competitive business environment and, 
  • the revolution in information processing and communication technologies 

The field is now being driven by a realization that the typical marketing channel contains redundant, unnecessary and non value-adding activities, functions and inventories.

About the Center

The Center for Supply Chain Management trains and educates regarding the various tools and activities of the supply chain (supplier relationships, purchasing management, operations and inventory management, logistics and transportation, quality measurement, and information technology) through programs, events, publications, and interacting with corporate supply chain professionals.

Thus, the Center for Supply Chain Management Systems has devised three basic goals and objectives to help train professionals to meet the industry’s demand. The goals are as follows:

  1. To provide management training seminars on the best practice application within the global supply chain management field to improve the financial performance of organization; 
  2. To actively support academic and curriculum development in the area of global supply chain management for the area colleges and universities; and 
  3. To engage in advanced research on application tools in the supply chain management field. 

The Center is able to meet these objectives through its diverse membership and partnerships including affiliation with leading companies in the St. Louis metropolitan region, APICS , ASQ, CSCMP (formerly CLM), ISM (formerly NAPM), Missouri Enterprise, National Contract Management Association (NCMA), and National Defense Transportation Association (NDTA).