Pure Idea Generator Challenge


The Center for Entrepreneurship’s “Pure Idea Generator Challenge” is open on August 29!

You’ll find the problem below - all you need is a solution (or multiple).

The top 24 solutions will be chosen on September 25, and the finalists will be invited to City Museum’s 11th story rooftop on October 8. We will give a new problem to the finalists, and they will be placed on City Museum’s rooftop 3-story Ferris wheel for a 30-minute ride. 

At the end of the ride, the finalists will pitch their new solutions to some of the biggest names in the St. Louis entrepreneurship ecosystem (high profile entrepreneurs, wealthy investors, etc). The top three finalists will receive cash prizes …all for an idea and a few minutes of your time.


The Question will be posted on August 29.


How To Enter:

  1. Follow @SLUent via Twitter.
  2. Tweet back your solution with the #SLUPureIdea hashtag included (no video or links in your tweet). 

    If you don’t have a Twitter account or cannot send a tweet, email ecenter@slu.edu with your name, school, and idea. You may enter as many ideas as you’d like, but each idea MUST be 140 characters or less. The deadline to apply is Friday, September 22.

  3. Watch for the announcement of the top 24 finalists on September 25.

Members of our Center for Entrepreneurship team are waiting for your best ideas. 

The pure idea is the first step in becoming a successful (and wealthy) Entrepreneur. Do you have what it takes?