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Idea To Product ® is an international competition with branches in Asia and Europe as well as several campuses in the United States.

About the Program

Idea to Product is unique three-tiered idea competition based at the University of Texas at Austin. The competition looks for ideas for a product or service at their earliest stage. Over the years, fifteen universities and over 450 students have participated in the Missouri/Illinois Idea to Product (I2P) competition. I2P makes it possible for people on campus to develop and present ideas, obtain feedback, and begin the process of invention commercialization and venture creation.

Although winners receive cash prizes, the greater benefit is the opportunity for participants to receive substantial feedback on their early stage ideas. I2P offers the larger technology and financial communities the opportunity to get an early view of new ideas, thereby jump-starting the development process. Initially, ideas are submitted at SLU and screened.

The teams selected with the best proposals are invited to present their submission to panels, where teams receive feedback on their idea, and winning ideas are selected.

After SLU’s first round concludes, the I2P MO-IL Regional Competition is held for the states of Missouri and Illinois. Finally, one or more winners of the regional competition may be invited to the Global I2P Competition.


I2P is only open to Saint Louis University graduate and undergraduate students, and multidisciplinary teams are encouraged. 

First Level Competition - Saint Louis University 

SEP  26  Submit your 2-page idea submission for consideration by Thursday, September 26, 2013!
NOV  8-9  The SLU I2P Competition will take place at SLU on November 8-9 2013.

All submissions must be in pdf format without names and university affiliation so they can be judged on an impartial basis.  Your contact information will be on the application required with the submission. 

Step 1: Review the SLU I2P Competition Guidelines, write a two-page idea submission, and download and submit the SLU I2P Application for consideration to ecenter@slu.edu.

Step 2: Ideas are screened and the teams with the best proposals are invited to expand their submissions (5 pages maximum).

Step 3: Presentations are made to blue-ribbon panels, where teams receive feedback on their ideas and winning ideas are selected.


Second Level Competition - Missouri/Illinois Regional 

FEB  16  Submit I2P MO-IL Application by February 16, 2014
MAR 26 Submit 5-page idea submission by Wednesday, March 26, 2014
 APR   4-5  The I2P MO-IL Regional Competition will take place at SLU on April 4-5, 2014!

The Idea to Product (I2P) Missouri-Illinois Regional Competition will allow one or more winners to be invited to the Global Idea to Product (I2P) Competition

Each university and college in the bi-state region is entitled to submit a total of five ideas for screening. For full details of rules and guidelines, please review the I2P MO-IL Regional Guidelines.

Step 1: Review the I2P MO-IL Semi-Final and Final Competition Guidelines, write/revise/review an idea submission, and download and submit the MO-IL I2P Application

Step 2: Submit application by February 16, 2014 and five-page submission by March 26, 2013

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