Billiken Angel Network (BAN)


The Billiken Angels Network (BAN) has been a part of the Entrepreneurship Program of the John Cook School of Business at Saint Louis University since 2008.

BAN Mission

The primary goal of the Billiken Angels Network is to make a difference through education and advice to current and future businesses in the region. BAN is an investor group that provides infusions of capital and expertise to firms that show promise to make a difference for our economy and our region.

In addition to BAN funds, there is a $1,000,000 sidecar co-investment fund made available by the University from its endowment.

Funding Recipients

The Billiken Angel Network funding recipients can be a business at any stage (seed, start-up, existing, growing, etc.) and in any industry (retail, wholesale, manufacturing, service, financial, internet, high-tech, etc.). 

Investor Membership

The Billiken Angel Network is open to accredited investors only. Members can be located anywhere and can come from any industry. All BAN members have a strong commitment to help develop entrepreneurship through education in addition to investment, and future members who share that interest are the ones most likely to be selected. To find out the Security & Exchange Commission rules on accredited investor status, click here.

BAN Workshops

The Billiken Angels Network provides free workshops to the community to help start-up entrepreneurs who are thinking about developing a business plan or have a completed or in-process business plan. Workshops focus on several key elements in the angel investing process including:

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