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The Center for Entrepreneurship  at Saint Louis University’s John Cook School of Business has been a national leader in developing and delivering innovative programs to promote entrepreneurship through education. We have a wide variety of programs which tend to fall into four main categories of entrepreneurship.


The Saint Louis University Cook School’s Center for Entrepreneurship promotes entrepreneurial mindsets and skills in a learning environment designed to make people better entrepreneurs. Of course, you can learn in a variety of settings and from a multitude of sources, so there is a valid learning component to all programs offered by the Center for Entrepreneurship.

High School Programs

Undergraduate Studies

Professional Development Programs


Saint Louis University’s Center for Entrepreneurship at the Cook School offers unique academic competitions which evaluate business ideas from their onset through business planning and capitalization stages.

At Saint Louis University, we believe that one of the best ways for students to develop a real-world orientation and gain traction for their ideas in the real world is through competition. Of course, feedback and prize money doesn’t hurt either! We support a variety of of competitions such as:

Collegiate Competitions

High School Competitions

Networking & Mentoring

The Saint Louis University Cook School of Business Center for Entrepreneurship connects entrepreneurs through networking, peer mentoring and other resources to help develop a successful business. The Center currently sponsors the following networking and mentoring programs:

John Cook School of Business Student Clubs


The Center for Entrepreneurship at SLU’s John Cook School of Business offers unique opportunities to support entrepreneurial efforts within our community, including programs that bring resources together to foster the ideas of students and alumni.

Our current programming for development for students and alumni is as follows: