FOCUS Program

The Cook School of Business thinks your future and success are highly important — so important, that we have designed the Career FOCUS program to help you be successful as a student and a professional. Our goal is for every business student to celebrate the end of their educational journey with a diploma in one hand and a job offer in the other.

About the Program

The Focus On Careers for Undergraduate Students (FOCUS) program is designed to help undergraduate students pro-actively start their efforts to secure internships during their college career and full-time job opportunities upon graduation. All events and activities must be completed by graduation to receive notation on official transcripts. 

This four-year career development program is a culmination of:

Upon completion of the FOCUS program, students will have developed a “career portfolio” and a set of tools to highlight academic accomplishments, strengths and interests, job/internship experience, service/volunteer activities and leadership/on-campus activities that will provide the advantage of a seamless transition from college into the workplace.

Program Benefits

The CRC staff can assist you with planning, implementing and evaluating your career options and choices. Through the FOCUS program, you will: