Undergraduate Students

As a commitment to undergraduate students, the Valerie A. Davisson Career Resources Center has developed programs to help our students become leaders and gain an edge in the business community while still studying. Our programs are rooted in academics and experience to ensure a proper blend of in class knowledge and real world application.

Experience the Difference

The Cook School of Business thinks your future and success are highly important. So important, that we have a dedicated office staffed with professionals to help you couple your classroom experience with real world experiences. The Valerie A. Davisson Career Resource Center (CRC) is dedicated to aiding you in your success as both a student and a professional.


FOCUS Program

FOCUS is a unique program to develop and hone your skills over your four year career at SLU. A combination of events, activities, workshops, and resources brought together to give you the competitive edge in developing your academic career and post academia job search. Click here to learn more.


Internship Program

Internships are typically one-time work or service experiences related to a student’s major or career goal. Please contact the CRC Undergraduate Internship Coordinator to get started. Internships usually allow a student to work in a professional setting under the supervision and monitoring of practicing professionals. Internships can be paid or unpaid and the student may or may not receive academic credit for performing the internships. Completing an internship is one of the best career development experiences for an undergraduate student prior to graduation. Click here to learn more.