Promote SLU

The John Cook School of Business values the expertise and experience of our alumni, and we encourage their involvement with students. We welcome alumni to volunteer their time and provide assistance to students by offering career information, industry presentations, job and internship possibilities, mentoring relationships and networking opportunities.

Making A Difference

As an alumni, you understand what it means to “Be a Billiken.” Having gone through the Cook School’s program, you know what to expect from our students and future graduates. A great way to give back to the school is through helping our students and graduates, and by promoting Saint Louis University. 

Your company trusts you, and you know you can trust a SLU education, so why not help bridge the gap between your company’s needs and our graduates’ needs? 


Provide Opportunities

Offer students opportunities to shadow, allow them to work on projects, or mentor them. These are great ways for students to gain experience that will build help their professional development.


Be An Ambassador

Share new openings in your organization with the Career Resources Center. Talk to students who are preparing to interview with your organization. Assist applicants in receiving strong consideration within your organization.


Hire A Billiken

If your organization has a position to fill, the Cook School’s Career Resources Center can post the position or facilitate on-campus candidate interviews.