Mentor Students

We value the expertise and experience of our alumni and encourage their involvement with students.

Get Involved

We welcome alumni to volunteer their time and provide assistance to students by offering career information, industry presentations, job and internship possibilities, mentoring relationships and networking opportunities.


Share Your Knowledge

The Career Resources Center (CRC) holds a variety of events throughout the year, such as panel presentations, fairs, mock interview sessions, and roundtable discussions. The experience, background and insight of Cook School alumni are an invaluable resource that helps our students develop. 


Connect Online

Become part of the AlumNet community or LinkedIn group. AlumNet is a network of alumni from the Cook School at Saint Louis University who wish to assist current students and other alumni with their career development. In LinkedIn, search Groups for the group Alumni of the John Cook School of Business. Join AlumNet.


Come Back

There are a variety of events that the Cook School hosts. Our alumni are always welcome as guests. Many of our students take the opportunity to attend these events. There is no better way to connect to current students and help provide professional advice than to come back to the school for events and network with current students and alumni. For more information about events, please see the Cook School Event Calendar.