Internship FAQ’s

How is an internship opportunity approved for credit?

After the student has been offered the position, the opportunity will be presented to the appropriate faculty chair, who will review the position description along with the student’s academic program. This ensures that the student has chosen an opportunity that will allow them to learn in their concentrated area of study. (i.e. A business major studying Finance can receive credit for a financial internship, but not a marketing internship)


Can an internship be paid and also receive credit?

Yes. A student may receive academic credit for an internship, regardless of whether it is paid or unpaid.


Must all internships receive credit?

No, a paid or unpaid internship can be a valuable experience whether for credit or not.


What extra requirements are there if the student is receiving credit?

If your organization is a new internship site for the Cook School, a Career Resources Center representative will conduct a site visit. This 20 minute visit typically involves learning about your company, the internship, and answering any questions you may have.


Additional requirements for employers sponsoring a Cook School intern include:


Sample Job Description for Posting


Job Description Template:

Position Title

Brief introduction to your company, giving the candidate information about your business and culture. It should not exceed 3-4 sentences.

Particulars of the position, giving the candidate a general idea of what is expected. You may wish to include bullet points containing:

 Qualifications preferred or required for the position

Sample Job Description:

Marketing Intern

ABC Company is located in St. Louis and has been handling small to medium company branding for 10 years. Our work encompasses social media, print and direct mail projects for startups to midsize companies. As a paid intern, you will gain have first-hand experience working with our unique client base.

The Marketing Intern will:

Qualifications required: