Develop Your Employees

Our longstanding relationship with businesses, accreditation, national rankings, variety of programs, and central location make the Cook School a smart move for companies looking to provide their employees with further education opportunities.

Graduate Business Programs


Earning a graduate business degree from Saint Louis University prepares future business professionals and propels current business professionals to perform effectively and ethically in today’s fast-changing global environment. We offer two highly respected MBA programs, three specialized master’s degrees, an executive master’s degree and a Ph.D. in international business and marketing.

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Professional Development Programs 

Have you already earned a degree, but are looking for further certification? Through our various professional development programs we provide the latest tools, concepts, and decision-making skills to improve your approach to business and organizational challenges in order to achieve real-world results today and for a lifetime.

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Company Partnership Programs

Education is important for success in the business world. As such, the John Cook School of Business is happy to partner with companies to help identify key business programs that the Cook School can offer specially to the company as a partners.


Boeing Learn Together Program

The Boeing Learning Together Program is a partnership between the Boeing corporation and Cook School of Business at Saint Louis University to provide Boeing employees the opportunity to further their career potential through earning a degree from a reputable and established institution. 

Earning a graduate business degree or certificate from Saint Louis University’s Cook School will help prepare future business professionals and help propel current business professionals to perform effectively and ethically in today’s fast changing global environment. Students interested in the John Cook School of Business education opportunities should be eager to enhance their business acumen, strengthen leadership skills, and grow both personally and professionally.

Top Picks for Boeing Employees: