Connect with Students

The Career Resources Center (CRC) wants to support your recruiting efforts. Building your brand on campus, interacting with students outside of the interview and establishing a presence in the Cook School culture is important to you.


Customized Approach
The CRC is here to help facilitate and market your involvement in the Cook School with students. While some of our faculty utilize occasional guest speakers, the rigor of our programs demand that classroom time be spent primarily on academic activities. The CRC staff can recommend the optimal activities for each employer’s needs, including possible faculty connections.

The marketing strategy for your activities will be customized as well. The CRC will create targeted emails, newsletter inclusion, social media blasts and faculty/staff notification timed appropriately for your event or activity.

Attend/Sponsor Events

Contact the CRC for more information about all of our events, including:


Information Tables
Located in Cook School’s atrium during peak hours of student traffic, information tables allow representatives to have informal face-to-face interaction with individual students and enhance brand awareness for your organization.


Information Sessions
If you are looking to address a targeted group of students about a specific program or opportunity, an information session provides you the platform to share details about your organization and network with students of a particular business major or year.


Student Organizations
The Cook School hosts many student-run organizations related to business functions, academic honors and service. Many of these organizations look for topical guest speakers and host companies to speak about their industries.