Making A difference.

Our Success


The Cook School is committed to providing a unique and competitive business education that is internationally and nationally recognized.  


Founded in 1910, the John Cook School of Business at Saint Louis University has a longstanding tradition of providing superior business education. The school gained notoriety among business education institutions in 1948, when it achieved AACSB accreditation, the premier accreditation for business programs.  Only 5% of business schools worldwide have achieved this highly esteemed honor, and we continue to be accredited by the organization to this day.


The ongoing AACSB accreditation attests to the quality of a business degree from Saint Louis University. As such, it is not surprising that the Cook School continues to be internationally, nationally, regionally, and locally recognized as a premier institution for a variety of business education programs. 


Our own success speaks to our ability to develop successful leaders that are poised to make a difference in the world and in the lives of others.

Your Success

Success means something different to each person. At the Cook School, we believe that while success has many definitions, it is rooted in the belief that a successful endeavor makes a positive impact for the individual and the world.


Our renowned programs help students become more whole in mind, body, and spirit. The rigor of our programs challenge students to explore and seek truth to ultimately lead to self discovery.


By becoming whole, students discover their passions, dreams, and goals. We encourage, support, and challenge our students to act on these personal discoveries in a manner that makes a positive impact on their own lives and the lives of others.