Cook School Experience


The John Cook School of Business has a long-standing history of creating successful business leaders.

As the oldest business school west of the Mississippi River, in the heart of a large metropolitan area, the school is well connected and respected in the business community. In addition to our highly ranked business programs, we focus on career planning, internships and opportunities to make contacts with business professionals in all our areas of study. We weave together three important elements to create a unique and stimulating environment:


Values: Educating the whole person, seeking truth, & serving others 

Leadership: The ability to influence

Action: Applying what is learned

Together, these elements serve as the foundation for:

Success: Making a Difference

These elements are the core of the Cook School experience. Throughout all of our programming and events, these elements are key to creating a unique experience that propels our students, faculty, staff, alumni, friends, and supporters to achieve in their professional and personal lives.

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